My first painting ever Sold!

It is hard to express the feeling you receive when the hard work you put into creating a product of your heart actually gets some sort of appreciation. Enough appreciation that someone else is willing to buy your work, that is. But with that being said, the feeling is awesome! I spent a few minutes taking photos with this piece, “Twister.” Looking back at these photos, I just laugh. I documented the raw emotions, playing around with the photos as if we were on a date, or some sort of emotional separation. Hah! This piece was special to begin with. It is what I consider an original. Not in style, or because there are no prints, but because this was one of the firsts I ever created with intention to sell. I painted this piece nearly three years ago, in 2015. It was then, when I started exploring how to frame my pieces, and if I should continue framing them. There is history tied to this piece, and it rests in a happy home as far as I know. What a cool feeling.

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