My World of Art, and Where I Come From.

Where do I come from? To play this game on a Universal level, well, I come from you. And you, and you, and that tree, and over there, look, a dinosaur! I exist, just as you do because of the history tied to this beautiful place. And because I am you, and you are me, is the art that I create just an extension of you? I guess what you are wondering is: Where did I grow up? Where did I find art…? Who is Nico Miller?

I was born in a little city known as Cottonwood, UT. But that was where the hospital existed, and crazily enough, the doctor that monitored and assisted still practices there at that hospital, some 30 years later.

I grew up in a quiet little dead end neighborhood, protected by a farm in my backyard, and old, retired people in the front yard. Not literally protected with linked arms and pitchforks… No… There weren’t many kids is what I mean… Sagehill Dr. I will never forget that address. I shouldn’t say never because who knows… Alzheimer’s, am I right? To get back on track, this little quaint place had

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