Finger painting is not just for Kids

I got the itch to finger paint one evening. I could not explain it, I just… wanted to. I wanted to know what the paint felt like as I squeezed it through my fingers, I wanted to know how painting felt without a foreign object in my hand.

Interestingly, I fought this. “You’ll make a mess… You don’t want to clean up a mess… It is just going to feel weird…” Yet, the curiosity was overwhelming. It felt as if I was a kid. Hell, I am a kid at heart, and even more so when I paint.

I didn’t put on gloves. I didn’t prepare for the mess. I dove in, all 10 digits at once, and what an experience! Swiping my fingers back and forth, swaying to the music; dancing my fingers off. My fingers were dancing across the canvas! It was absolutely beautiful watching what I was creating. Creating beautiful images of abstract color and then wiping them away felt pretty cool, very temporary. Learning how to use my fingers as brush tools was even more fun.

Breaking away from the all-out-kid-attitude, I began studying how I can utilize these new found tools. What a trip! My mind found a way to explore creativity, and there wasn’t a foreign object between me and the canvas. It was direct contact. The mind. The hand. The canvas.

This was my first finger painting experience. I do not think I have learned much about how to properly prepare for the clean up. I am still a kid when it comes to that… Holy cow! Yet, the concept of finger painting has evolved. I have discovered a way to express my heart and my art in a different way. Basic and primitive, yet fun and creative. It is strange to think that my ancestors were doing exactly what I am doing, but maybe without the mentality or approach that I have. Art is constantly evolving, and yet, we find ways to go back to our roots. This is important for art, and artists alike. We were artists before the concept even existed. So what does this tell you? Do we continue on this path of evolutionary artistic creation by going back to our roots? Is it impossible to ignore our roots? Subconsciously, I would argue that it is damn near impossible to ignore our roots. Innate creatures of habit.

Sure, I may have stumbled onto something new to me. Finger painting… hah! Who would have guessed it is what I would be doing? Maybe some of you think this is a no-brainer. But along my journey of artist creativity, not I. This was a discovery! A discovery of something ancient.

The title of this piece is “Mushroom Fairy.” Painted in 2015, this piece is absolutely one I am more connected to. Maybe it is actually because I used my fingers, and I eliminated the foreign tool.

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