The Floating Frame Project

Framing art pieces is one challenge any viewer faces. From shadow-boxing to exquisite wooden, metal, or glass frames. And these frames guide our eyes to better focus on what the artist is trying to depict. From my standpoint, I want to frame my pieces to help guide that eye from the get-go. Granted, I fully support getting an additional frame for protection, or viewing pleasure. It isn’t always easy, making the decision for the viewer. In a way, I force the viewer to look at my pieces the way I want them to. It’s strange, to put my own interpretation of a frame on a piece, and hope that the viewer is open to the idea that the frame itself is art. Painted on, unique, and expressive. There is a direct link between how the frame works with the piece because the piece draws out inspiration for the frame. Quite interesting indeed from my perspective. How do you, the viewer, view my frames? What a fun game!

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