Jumping Into The Abyss

As I sat here, frantically typing and retyping words that I thought would demonstrate this idea, I was reminded of something simple. Unzip.


I cannot really say why. Only. Unzip.


I have recently decided to focus on my art full time. That and my private practice where I can take my tools and my products along with me wherever I may end up and make money as I move along life. I am paving a different course than what I thought was necessary. And yet, it is necessary.

Jumping into the Abyss is an intriguing thought to say the least. Jumping aimlessly into the depth of a dark-ness, pit-less place. Is it uncertain, unknown that we have to describe it as something so dark and dreary? It makes me laugh. Phew, I get goosebumps just thinking about what I have decided to do, a full time artist. 20190216_175051

“Starman” 16X20, 2017


I am ready to share with the world what I can create. I am ready. Here I am, jumping into the Abyss. *sound effect – droop* It feels insane. It feels crushing. I tear up every time I think about it. A full time artist. That’s me! A happy Nico creating all he wants. Damn straight that’s what I want! I want that. Yes, please!

The road does not end with this big decision. It is not like you can flip a switch and say alright, now I am fully financially, emotionally, physically, spiritually capable of doing this. It takes time and nurturing. It takes reflection and patience, and intuition and love. And it also takes a crap ton of hard work. That would be funnier if I was a farmer…

So, I am also awful at jokes. 🙂

What I am trying to say in this dramatically funny way around it all is, I am so nervous. I see the quality and talent of my work. I know I can sell my work, and it will mostly come from the work itself. But that means hard work. Hard diligent disciplined work is afoot. This is what I want, so let’s do it!



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