Flow: The Directional Path


Well, I want to take a second to paint a picture of some passion topics in my life. Flow is a very universal term, but you may have yet to come across it. You’re welcome! Flow, or flow-state is a state of mental capacity where time begins to lose its meaning or fail to exist, and the efficiency or flow of your movement and intention and focus are improved drastically. It’s the work flow, the play flow, the flow flow! And you very well have been searching for a way to tap into your flow. Flow… Flow flow.. Flow. Flow.

What if I told you that you have a subconscious flow and conscious flow. Some neuroscientists may even say this is what’s known as Macro and Micro Flow. Larger, more conscious efforts of Flow, and then the micro more subconscious areas of flow. Work would be a great example:

Let’s say you are a computer image-er and you have to evaluate, process, repair, process and image an OS onto a each and every single one of the 75 orders you got that day. Alright, game face time! 75 computers, and you manage to do all of this in an 8 hour shift before you go home. Macro flow would say focus on time management and how efficient you were physically with your time, ie: your fingers being used as finite tools to help unscrew and screw parts back together, or how accurate your tool is. Micro flow is more focused on the thoughts, data, and subconscious flow. Time management is also present here, but on a deeper level, to a point where time doesn’t exist, you just know how and when something has been imaged, or how long the OS took to install.

Sound crazy yet?

What if flow was a directional path. The easier you get in flow the more you know where you are heading. insight? Foresight?

I am not sure, but one could argue that it very well could be a directional path for you and your subconscious brain. If dance is where you find your flow, won’t you want to do it more? Won’t you want to hone your skill and discover the many elements of dance? Well, I think so. I think that when I discovered Fire Poi, I discovered my Flow Path to a better life, a healthier, happier life.

I began listening to my creative. I found music, and painting, and writing, and photography, massage even! I found these artistically creative aspects of life, and implemented them into my own. And now, I don’t find a day when I am not happy I have made the choices I have made, especially about my creative.

I want to leave this topic open for others. I think this is a great topic for creative aspects of life in general. Where have you found your flow-state? What did it feel like?

Another interesting topic, is there such a thing as right and wrong in a flow state? would the mind be able to know the difference?

I think it would. The mind is quick, that’s why a flow state even occurs. The mind is quick. In a flow state, would it even ALLOW you to make a wrong decision? bad decision? Immoral? I am not quite sure what the word I’m looking for is, but it is fascinating to think at just how much we let go when the flow-state has been activated, and how much we trust in ourselves to make the best of our flow-state time and focus.


*The painting depicted is “Every Which Way, Green Foreplay.” Created in 2016, the wooden frame that you see painted on was being decided on around this time. This painting was one of the reasons why I decided to make the frame my signature. I find flow in this piece. I see physical movement, and peace, and serene. I think this piece depicts My Directional Flow Path the best.



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