Quitting Vs. Stopping

Quitting vs. Stopping... This topic always makes me cringe. The idea of quitting my passions forever... Shifting away from one passion and closing the door, to focus on another... It sucks, it's hard, and sometimes, arguably every time, it is necessary. Quitting, by definition, implies that "usually" you end something, or relinquish something permanently. Key … Continue reading Quitting Vs. Stopping

The Beginnings of something Unknown:

The journey of the artist... It is a reflective experience to say the least. This blog post is reflections of my experience so far. Not only is there experimentation involved with an artist's career, but it goes deeper than that. Exploring style, competition, signatures, where to fit in within the art world, and why an artist creates are some topics that will be reflected upon.

Finger painting is not just for Kids

Challenging the artist has not always been something to comprehend. Back in our cave-dwelling days, I think it is safe to assume that finger paintings of buffalo or lizards was not as thought out as we think today. Cave-dwellers created art without actually knowing they were creating art. Kind of an interesting topic in itself. Inside this excerpt, I take a look at why Finger painting is not just for kids, and in fact, how it takes us humans back to our roots.

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